Andrew Dumont is a speaker at Bellingham Startup Weekend


We are working on bringing speakers, mentors and Judges to the Bellingham Startup Weekend. Andrew Dumont is coming to Bellingham Startup Weekend.

Andrew Dumont is a technology entrepreneur and the Director of Business Development at Seesmic.

Since the beginning of Andrew’s time with Seesmic in February of 2010, he’s led efforts on the Seesmic plugin marketplace which now boasts over 70 integrations, the site redesign and presence of brands like Samsung, Zappos, eBay, Ning, Red Bull, USA Today and more.

Andrew also co-founded eBook comparison engine Leatherbound, with a few close friends during Rails Rumble, a 48-hour developer competition in October of 2010 – earning coverage in TechCrunch, Wired, PC World and generating revenue from the first day.

Prior to his role at Seesmic, Andrew worked in the early stages of inception at text messaging startup Tatango as the VP of Business Development.

You see Andrew on twitter at @AndrewDumont

We are looking forward to the opportunity to have a conversation with Andrew on June 24-26th.  Hope to see you there too.


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