Lean Startup and Customer Development “Lean Dip” workshop – June 14


Dennis King of BIG Idea Lab

The Lean Startup Methodology is an approach to startups that focuses on the key issues that will cause a startup to thrive and grow. Early Customer Develoopment is one of the key aspects of this approach. On Tuesday June 14th, at 3:00-5:00pm, Dennis King will be leading a “Lean Dip” to explore the Lean Startup Methodology and Customer Development methods. The event will be held at BIG Idea Lab at 114 E Chestnut in  Bellingham.

Space will be limited so please Register Here: http://bigquickstart2.eventbrite.com/

Dennis King has more than 30 years of entrepreneurial successes and innovated product development. In 1981, he founded Applied Voice Technology(AVT). AVT was one of the pioneering computer telephony companies that helped to create the voice mail, automated attendant, and interactive voice response industries. He developed and maintained the company’s strategic vision. In the 90’s he directed the company’s transition into the emerging unified messaging market, resulting in AVT having the first commercially available visual voice mail product for the desktop. AVT had a successful IPO in 1994. Dennis also founded Virtual interTours, a real estate services company which offered a unique web service featuring panoramic photographs integrated with an interactive floor plans. Dennis has consulted in the unified communications industry and recently was a member of a UC market leader’s Innovation Council. He is also an advisor for Solar Nexus International, a value-added distributor of off-grid solar power systems sold in developing countries. Dennis is also one of the founding members of the Bellingham Innovation Group, which operates the BIG Idea Lab. The BIG Idea Lab is a software and web services incubator that adheres to the Lean Startup philosophy and methodologies. He has earned a BS and MS in Computer Science from Pennsylvania State University.

Register Here: http://bigquickstart2.eventbrite.com/

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