Pre-Event Workshops

As a response to a question on a poll about events, there was a request for possible pre-event workshops for people to explore tools, ideas and processes before the Bellingham Startup Weekend on June 24-26
We have had people from the community offer to lead several workshops. I list below the dates, times and topics for the workshops.
It will help us in our planning a great deal if you would RSVP by registering by clicking on the eventbrite link for the sessions you are planning to attend. Each of these will be held at the Big Idea Lab at 114 E Chestnut. The events are free.  There is limited seating at the events, so registration would be especially helpful.
Date               Time               Topic                                                                  Leader                           Registration Link
———–          ————-        —————————————————           —————————     ————————————————-
Sat 6/11          10:30 am       Python and Django                                          Josh Mather      
Sat 6/11            1:00 pm       Pricing 101                                                        Maggie Lohkemper
Sat 6/11            2:30 pm       Photoshop Basics                                            Bonnie Perez    
Tues 6/14        3:00 pm       Lean Startup and Customer Discovery         Dennis King        
Sat 6/18           9:00 am        Drupal                                                                Peter Fawcett    
Sat 6/18          10:30 am      CSS                                                                    Peter Fawcett    
Sat 6/18            1:30 pm       Taking Money Online                                      Tony Sova          
An RSS Feed of these events is at:

If you have any interest in seeing these events, please sign up today. Each of these is an introductory discussion of the topic area.

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