From Pitch to Reality, idea to revenue in a weekend


At the opening pitches at Startup Weekend Bellingham, we had 52 people, with 17 idea presentations. As we wind down the weekend, 5 of those groups are still sprinting towards the end. In an hour, we will be hearing the final pitches outlining the progress over the weekend. Out of the 5 remaining teams, we have 3 which have found some road to a small amount of revenue.

Here is a list of the pitches from friday night:

1. Ergonomic interface    –>
2. Ping Snowball
3. Random Stranger Gifts
4. Expenditures (BEO)
5. To Do List                 –>
6. Trip Planning
7. (interactive video)
8. SeaSight
9. Wonderful Points             –>
10. Marine Electronics
11. Augmented Reality
12. Information Spiderweb
13. Ordering Product BtoBDash   –>
14. Sas – project management
15.  WeTarrot –
16. Amazon Pimps       –>

17. The F App

Of these, we had seven teams try to form, two of which did not finish the weekend. The remaining 5 all have project prototypes. One of them includes hardware.

Ergonomic interface    –>

The NAFK-Kit gives you the software and know how to build NAFK-Gadgets. THe NAFK-Gadgets you build will let you recive text messages via bluetooth.  Even when you can’t reach your phone!

5. To Do List                 –>

The best way to manage tasks for your group!

  • Are project software applications too big for you?
  • Are personal to-do-lists to small?
  • Well, Assign My Tasks is JUST RIGHT.

9. Wonderful Points             –>

Wonderful Points celebrates “Wonderfulness” happening all around us.We provide a fun medium for letting the world know about the wonderful things people, business, and organizations are doing.

13. Ordering Product BtoBDash   –>

Low cost and simple to use, B2BDash helps business-to-business transactions run smoothly.

16. Amazon Pimps       –>

Take REAL control of your publishing efforts. Don’t just list books. Promote them,

Each of these teams are actively working on the final touches, soon to get dinner and have the final pitches.



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