UP Global’s David Pierce is Bellingham.StartupWeekend Facilitator


We are so pleased to announce that David Pierce, Technical Director of UP Global (parent organization of Startup Weekend) will be the Bellingham.StartupWeekend facilitator.  David (pronounced dah-veed) is so cool he doesn’t have a regular bio but we are creative so we aren’t afraid to write one for him.

Originally from Seattle, David lived around the world before landing back in Seattle after his college days at the University of Nebraska.  He has spent the last 7 years working for a variety of tech companies in the Seattle area and now is Technical Director of the parent organization of Startup Weekend; Up Global.  David is a software engineer who writes code for work and fun.  “Since I’ve been here, my passion for software and turning ideas into projects has only grown”, says Pierce.  Not all work and no fun David also likes to read, cook, listen to music, rock climbing, drinking good beer and wine and above all learning.  See an infographic bio of David.  Check out his career on LinkedIn.  Follow him on twitter @TheDahv.

Remember that the registration for Bellingham.StartupWeekend is in the early bird stages with a regular ticket only running $75 and a student ticket $37.50 through November 7th.  Register now to get the best deals.


Facilitator, David Pierce

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