Hyperfund sponsors Bellingham Startup Weekend



Bellingham Startup Weekend is pleased to announce a new Gold Sponsor, Hyperfund.com.  Based in Northwest Washington Hyperfund provides a comprehensive system that connects entrepreneurs with investors to fund and grow their business.  While developing markets offline, we also provide an online destination where anyone can easily connect with, exchange information with and invest into start-up businesses. Small businesses can, in turn, reach several thousand potential investors in a cost effective and time efficient manner. Though only accredited Investors can invest for equity today, everyone can participate in Rewards based Crowdfunding. Hyperfund offers both Rewards and Equity based Crowdfunding.

Join in the Bellingham Startup Weekend experience on November 22nd and work with other local entrepreneurs to build a new business.  Winners of the Bellingham Startup Weekend will compete in Seattle on December 10th at the Showdown at the Showbox Pitch Off . The Showdown will feature the winners of the Seattle, Portland, Spokane and Bellingham Startup Weekends in a winner take all event attended by Angels, VC’s and fellow startup geeks.  Register for the event now while Early Bird Registration is still open.

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